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EOT and Research Avtivities

Education, Outreach, & Training

NEES @ UC Davis is active in providing educational opportunities and information for a wide range of interest groups, including elementary through post-graduate students, practitioners to academics, sponsors, members of the general public, and news media.

EOT recent activity pic The "EOT Highlights" provide examples of the various educational events hosted by our facility. Activities include tours, hands-on demonstrations, training workshops, and Research Experiences for Undergraduates positions. Many of our activities have been in collaboration with the Geotechnical Graduate Student Society at UC Davis (http://ggss.ucdavis.edu/), and their involvement is greatly appreciated.

Please contact our EOT coordinator, Jenny Chen, 530-752-7929, for further information on participating in one of our upcoming activities or on customizing a program to fit your needs.

Research Highlights

The "Research Highlights" provide brief examples of the research problems that are being addressed using the unique capabilities of the NEES @ UC Davis centrifuge facility. Additional details on each project can be obtained from the project researchers using the listed contact information.