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Evaluation of Nonlinear Site Response of Soft Clay Using Centrifuge Models

Project funded by:   USGS (2007)

PI: Scott Brandenberg, University of California Los Angeles
Description: The research project will use the nees@UCDavis large geotechnical centrifuge to study the nonlinear site response behavior of normally-consolidated and lightly over-consolidated clay specimens. Required equipment includes the centrifuge, hinged-plate container, consolidation press, accelerometers, pore pressure transducers, displacement transducers, bender elements, and associated data acquisition hardware and software. Two tests will be performed in FY09; one in the fall 2008, and the other in spring or summer 2009. The sponsor for the research project is the US Geological Survey under award No. 08HQGR0037. The proposal was submitted in response to the FY2008 National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP) Program Announcement 08HQPAQ000 1. A research participation agreement is pending approval of the SUPP agreement.

Project Links

NEES Hub: http://nees.org

Experiments: Testing in progress