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NEESR-SG: Seismic Performance Assessment in Dense Urban Environments

Project funded by:   NSF (Award # 830331) (2008)

PI: Jonathan Bray, University of California Berkeley
Co-PIs: Jonathan Bray (UC Berkeley) , Robert Reitherman, Bruce Kutter(UC Davis) , Tara Hutchinson, Andrew Whittaker
Description: In our major urban centers, buildings are constructed in clusters (the city block). However, the resulting physical interactions between densely spaced buildings are not captured in design practice, because buildings are assumed to respond to ground motions in isolation. For performance-based earthquake engineering to advance within our overarching vision of earthquake rupture-to-urban resiliency, the profession needs to understand and address these interactions. The proposed project's focus is on documenting and understanding the seismic performance of soilfoundation-structure systems within dense urban environments.

Project Links

NEES Hub: http://nees.org/warehouse/project/639

Experiments: Testing in progress

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