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Topographic Effects in Strong Ground Motion-From Physical and Numerical Modeling to Design

Project funded by:   (2009)

PI: Adrian Rodriquez-Marek, Virginia Tech
Description: The amplification of seismic ground motion in the vicinity of topographic features such as hillsides, ridges, and canyons is a well documented phenomenon that has yet to be addressed in design codes. While it is recognized that topographic amplification can elevate seismic risk, there is currently no consensus on how to reliably quantify its effects [e.g. 59]. This, in turn, has precluded development of widely accepted guidelines on how to account for this phenomenon in practice. This lack of guidelines leaves an important seismic risk factor unaccounted for in routine design. The PIs propose to study topographic amplification of ground motion through a comprehensive and integrated program of experimental simulations, field measurements, empirical data analysis, and numerical modeling.

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