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Developing International Protocols for Offshore Sediments and their Role in Geohazards: Characterization, Assessment, and Mitigation

Project funded by:   NSF (Award #0530151) (2011)

PI: Jason DeJong, UC Davis
Description: The goal is to investigate the potential of variable rate penetration CPT (cone penetration test) testing to better characterize the engineering properties and liquefaction susceptibility of intermediate soils. This project will include experiments in the large centrifuge at Davis. The first experiment will test four different synthetic soils, each with a different fraction of fines content, by separating a flexible shear beam container into four separated zones using flexible latex membranes. The second test, in part dependent on results from the first test, will expand the range of soils investigated to real intermediate soils obtained from locations where earthquake damage has been documented.

Project Links

NEES Hub: http://nees.org/warehouse/project/635

Experiments: Testing in progress

Related Links: http://www.nsf.gov/awardsearch/showAward.do?AwardNumber=0530151